Palazzona Di Maggio

The vineyards in Palazzona di Maggio

The young Federico Perdisa follows the path taken by the progenitor Luigi in the vineyard, from which he inherited his passion for the vine and for the protection of the environment.

It maintains a 360 ° approach, which involves the use of natural and innovative phytosanitary products based on clays, volcanic rocks and diatoms in place of copper.

For maximum respect for nature, it uses biodegradable oils and fats for agricultural machines.

Much more than what the official organic certification requires since the 2019 harvest.

Antagonist insects are used to control mealybugs and other harmful insects in collaboration with the Regional Health Service and the Astra research laboratory in Tebano.

Weeds are eliminated through frequent mechanical tillage and all the main operations in the vineyard carried out manually, starting from winter pruning and harvesting.

The vineyards are of high density, 5500 vines per hectare, and occupy an area of 15,50 hectares with espalier training and spurred cordon pruning according to the Simonit and Sirch method.

The trend of our harvests

Winter with little rainfall. Practically absent the rains until April 20 and high temperatures. Rainy May with temperatures well below average. Summer with maximum temperatures below average, some refreshing rain and excellent temperature range with cool night weather. Lower than average production but excellent quality.

Particularly dry winter with little or no rainfall. Ditto in the first three months of the year. May with abundant rains throughout the month well above average. Summer is normal, apart from some abundant sporadic precipitation until mid-July. Hot August but with good temperature range between day and night, hailstorms in the second week of the month. September in the norm with rains starting from mid-month. Low production, more than 50% below the average.

Normal winter with short snowfalls in February and March. Spring in the norm with abundant rainfall. June with above average rainfall until mid-July, then hot summer but with good temperature range between day and night.
Good production and excellent quality.

Quite harsh winter but with very little rainfall From April above average temperatures and very rare rainfall. Very hot summer without any precipitation. Good quality but very low grape production, about 60% below the average.

Mild winter with below average rainfall. Average spring with moderate rainfall. Average summer with high temperature range between day and night Excellent production and excellent quality

Winter with little rainfall Spring with temperatures above average Quite cool summer with good temperature range between day and night. Excellent production and good quality.

Normal winter with some precipitation, rarely snowy Average spring but little rainfall Very rainy summer with abundant rainfall throughout the month of July and strong temperature variations Need for careful selection for red grapes, excellent early white grapes.

Fairly harsh winter with little rainfall Spring in the norm Cool summer with temperatures below the average and high temperature range and ventilation. Good production and quality

Heavy winter snowfall Very unstable spring with sudden changes in temperature and rain. Particularly hot summer starting from July and throughout the month of August. Fair production and quality.

Winter with high temperature changes Unstable spring with above average rainfall Initially cool summer with excellent temperature range then from mid-August high temperatures up to and during the harvest Production clearly below average but excellent quality.

Winter with above average rainfall but only a few very short snowfalls. Spring in the norm. Cool summer with above average rainfall. Good production.

Winter with alternating temperatures and high meteorological variability. No snowfall. Spring along the same lines as instability. Hot summer but ok. Fair production and quality.

Fairly mild winter Spring with little rainfall until mid-May where heavy rains began Early summer with heavy rainfall in June and unstable weather which caused a lot of humidity. Then July and August in the norm with high temperatures. Normal ripening times. Good grape production and excellent quality

Mild winter without snowfall Spring with little rainfall, below average. Sunny and very hot summer with temperatures of up to 40 ° and very rare rainfall Early ripening times. Production of grapes below average but good quality with high alcohol content

Harsh winter with some short snowfalls. Very unstable spring with average rainfall Sunny and hot summer but with some brief rain in August Production of grapes and alcohol content in the standard, good quality.