Palazzona Di Maggio

Tenuta Palazzona di Maggio

The Palazzona di Maggio estate is located on the hills of San Pietro di Ozzano in Emilia Romagna and falls within the Doc Colli area of Imola and Romagna.

A story that dates back to the early 1960s when, in this avant-garde of Romagna, Luigi Perdisa created large areas of Sangiovese and Albana alongside them, in the wake of a tradition that dates back to 1800, with some international vines such as Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Merlot.

Since then the Perdisa family has been cultivating their own vineyards from whose grapes they produce quality wines which are a faithful expression of the territory and of each vintage which is always different and particular.

Territory and vineyards

We have always intertwined innovation with the most modern agronomic and oenological practices, respecting the environment and the final consumer, strengthened by the tradition of fifty years of experience and the innovative drive of the fourth family generation.

The Palazzona di Maggio estate is dominated by the eighteenth-century villa from which it takes its name, in an area of great historical and landscape importance, near the medieval village of San Pietro di Ozzano.

Our hills are characterized by an extraordinary biodiversity and by heterogeneous soils extremely suitable for the cultivation of the vine thanks also to a favorable microclimate with high temperature range and ventilation.

The vineyards are located between 80 and 170 meters above sea level in clayey and sandy soils.

The choice of graft holders and varieties was made exclusively for the best possible agronomic result in relation to the type of soil and the oenological objective, in accordance with the mission and objectives of the company founder Luigi Perdisa.

Today the Perdisa family with Alberto, his wife Antonella and their children Filippo and Federico in the vineyard and in the cellar, today cultivate the same varieties chosen at the time by the progenitor on a vineyard area of 15.50 hectares out of a total of about 60 of the estate .

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